21 03 2011

In Cleveland Texas an 11 year old girl was raped by a somewhere around 17 to 28 men ranging from middle school age to a 27 years old.

This is a disturbing story but to make matters worse some citizens of this small town have taken the side of the abusers. (For full news story go here)

The abusers are being their typical selves and claiming the young victim consented to the rape and even told her abusers she was older. Last time I checked 11 year olds typically don’t look somewhere around 17 (which is the age that one can technically give consent to have sex with a +18yrs)

I am so flustered by a town chooses to take the side of the local football star while their is a GIRL who has been severely traumatized. A minor in no circumstances can give consent to having sex with a man who is 18 yrs or older. There is no way that this case can not be considered rape. What else would it be?
I could care less if she was dressed “provocatively” according to the accused. This girl is still a kid and these people have the guts to post video of the rape.


I believe many citizens who have taken up the argument that this girl was just asking for it, need to know what rape does to a person. Rape traumatizes any adult and creates many feelings of being powerless. It causes people to have a constant need for power and control for the rest of their lives. An adult would also need some intense counseling. Now take an 11 yr old, who has just hit puberty and according to her mom still plays with teddy bears, being raped by somewhere around +17 males.

What can we do?

We can refuse to allow people to blame the victim. We can raise awareness about the after affects of rape. We can report any cases of rape.

She needs prayers. She needs some one who cares. She needs love.

Will any one love her?


Sex trafficking is HERE

16 03 2011

There are less than 100 in the US for victims of sex trafficking. This fact taken from the Huffington Post

So one of the richest nations in the  world has a place for less than 100 victims to sleep and feel safe. With this fact, one would think that the US really doesn’t have a sex trafficking problem. They would rely on the authorities to control this crime while we sat back and dealt with helping other victims outside the US.  You know the victims in third world countries who have unstable governments and are poverty striken. (I am not saying that these victims do not need our help just like every other victim) 

Wake up people it is here.

What about our own fellow citizens who are victims of this act. Why is it that we are much more comfortable to help foreign victims than victims who were born and raised American.

I think we are all scared. We are fine with saying that Africa has a huge problem with sex trafficking and wow their government sucks no wonder, but when it comes to our own country it gets sticky.

Guess what we have a problem… a sex trafficking problem. The only way to help stop this problem is to admit it.

America is not a perfect little angel. (I don’t really think we ever were) We have over looked this crime/epidemic so long that we completely neglect to help our own victims and jump at the chance to help those less fortunate than us.

In this case, we are the ones that are less fortunate. Sex trafficking is happening in America and we can either choose to acknowledge this severe crime or allow it to spiral into something that can never be stopped.

We have the tools to stop this but the real question is will we use them?

Touchy Territory

14 03 2011

As some of you may know I am an awkward person. There are a lot of uncomfortable topics that I jump into. (most of the time this is just blind bad luck)
Even if you look at what I am passionate about you can see it is uncomfortable. Yep no one really wants to talk about an 11 year old getting raped every night. but I go there anyways.
So here is the uncomfortable topic today…


After studying the over all problem of sex trafficking I have seen that this disease that all women have has finally come back to haunt us.

How does this apply to sex trafficking?

Most girls who are lured into this crime is by a smooth talking guy who tells them they are beautiful.  He shows her that he cares for her and makes her feel good.  Now, she can tell all her friends she has an older boyfriend and he is a major hottie!

Our society tells girls that they will only really be beautiful if they have a boyfriend because if they don’t then obviously something is wrong with them if no guy even wants to be with them.

Our insecurity controls our actions. It causes us to do stupid stuff for fear that we may be the weird one who will lose their man or never have one.

This disease lures these girls into thinking that this man cares for them. They ignore any signs that he is using her and tell themselves they love him.

Insecurity has pushed girls to wear yoga pants instead of actual pants (to tight and weird jiggles)  We don’t have any standards but just want our man. This problem has been learned and passed down for centuries from mother to daughter and so on. It infects every beautiful girl from the minute she takes her first breath to the minute she breaths her last bread.

It must be stopped.  We must have confidence!

We can no longer succumb to this voice that says you will never be good enough or the voice that says you look really fat in that. We need someone willing to cut the crap and embrace the beauty that God has given us.

This generation needs role models willing to take an interest in our beauty. Parents who tell us that we are loved and support our ventures.

By having these confident women, men can learn how to be a real man. They can appreciate us for who we are rather than look at us as if we are just another person to have sex with.

It just takes one. One person who steps up and loves themselves.

Will you be that one person?

Moving on up

7 03 2011

As you may know this blog is dedicated to helping raise awareness for victims of sex trafficking and if you don’t this is a blog about sex trafficking.
I admit I have been cheating a little bit and posting a lot of lessons that I have learned through out my life. Well this is not the end! I would like to inform you that I am moving. I would like for this blog to solely focus on the global problem of sex trafficking.
I am cutting the lessons I am learning that don’t really have to deal with sex trafficking and moving those lessons to kamriereed.com
So I encourage you to continue to follow scarlet cord ministries and also if you would like to you can specifically follow my story by checking out kamriereed.com (oh look yet another link)
Both blogs will be regularly updated and more categorized.
I ask that all of you continue to follow me on my journey!

Wrestling with the master

21 02 2011

I am the one getting my butt wopped

Back in the day I was a top notch wrestler… Yeah that is right, my siblings and I used to have our own official wrestling matches.

I was invincible.

All I had to do was give them a wedgy then it was over. They could consider themselves pinned.

But now it is not so easy. It seems that the game has changed. I can no longer pretend that a pillow is a chair anymore. I am in a battle to the death right now and my wedgy tacktic is not working as well as I hoped.

Who am I wrestling?


God and I have been in a tussle that has lasted for about two years. It hasn’t stopped.
I have cried, pleaded, and even bartered to get what I want in ministry and for the pain to stop, but I have yet to get my wish.

He keeps on allowing me to be punched straight in the gut which results in me standing there defenseless unable to absorb the heavy blow.

This fight is not staged like the WWE. It is a fight where emotions are tested, tried, and exposed. One feels like crap, but they keep going.

I continue to be pushed wondering if they can ever fight back.

I have always thought about Jacob’s wrestle with God. I can’t imagine how exhausted he was. God, confidently, knowing in the end he would win as Jacob barely held his own. He pushed himself to the point of exhaustion then finally God ends it and breaks his hip.

I can just hear Jacob now.  Wow thanks for that I wrestle you all night and I still break my hip.

Well this is where I am at. Fighting with much frustration, hurt, and a jumble of other emotions. Hoping that some day the fight will cease, and I may luck out by not walking away with a broken hip.

I am in process of working through the brokenness and this fight is an opportunity to grow closer to God..

How is your fight going?

Dead Silence

1 02 2011

Christmas Eve my parents and I ventured into St. Louis and had dinner with young teenage girls. We had a blast. All of the girls were hilarious and it was an evening well spent. I would like to describe one of the biggest things I learned from this event. Surprisingly, it was the short drive down that forced me to learn a hard lesson….

Dead silence.

Everyone sat in anticipation.

My mother in the front seat twittling her thumbs while my father slowly plunged through the snowy slush on highway 70.

I sat staring out the window podnering what this would be like. How would I interact with these young girls. Would I look like some little white rich kid stepping into their territiory. I tossed around a couple of jokes in my head then the silence hit me.

I carefully studied my mother. one word Nervous. I could see her surrender. I wondered why she was so antsy.

My dad continued to drive farther and deeper into the great city of St. Louis. We passed the large mansions that slowly became smaller and smaller mile by mile. Suddenly, I realized this is not the best part of town to live in. The streets were vacant but it was clear this part of the city was hidden for a reason.

During this 45 minute journey my blind fold was slowly unfolded before my eyes. Jesus words continued to haunt my mind. Similar to a knife they plunged deeper and deeper into my heart. For anyone to follow me they must hate their mother and father.


How am I exactly supposed to do that. It was made clear on this short journey. For me to solely live for my father my life will not always be the safest.  (I am not saying that I am going to go do stupid stuff like put myself in risky situations I will be wise)

The life of Christ was not safe. He was ran out of so many cities. People threatened to kill him. Some times I think we all just glide on over this part. Consider the villagers in Frankenstien they had the intent to kill the beast not politely ask him to vacate the premises.

This is what it takes. The journey is slowly unfolding and the safety gloves are slowly coming off. They are not hastily ripped off but slowly I am traveling deeper and deeper into situations that flirt with that risky lines.  To watch my parents refraining from shoving in a box so that I may be safe for the rest of my life is quiet astounding. They have a remarkable amount of power.

But they worry. I see it in their half smiles. They wonder if it will ever suddenly stop and I will be no more.

Why do I do this?

because this is what it means to live life to the fullest. Trusting that my father will protect me.

This is what it means for me to hate my parents.

(M0re thoughts follow pertaining to the actual dinner.)

How many girls will it take for us to act?

26 01 2011

CNN  part 2

Denis Hoff, the owner of a legal brothel called Moonlight Bunny House, runs a legit business of prostitution in Nevada. Although he does enable women to sell their bodies for profit he does it all legally. The prostitutes there are all 18 years or older and are there on free will.  The women are able to keep half the profit and sometimes earn up to six figures. There are individual rooms for each woman equipped with a safety button the woman may push if a client is dangerous. Lyon said it was one of the safest places in terms of sex work. Even though I sharply disagree with the way Hoff chooses to enable prostitution he still maintains safety which is something that never happens in a brothel.
The public obviously sees nothing wrong with prostitution but I can only hope people may attempt to see what it is like for the mothers of these young girls. Lyon interviewed the mother of an underage victim of sex trafficking.
The mother said, “It is disgusting I think our whole society is so out of control with accepting this and saying it is okay or it is what it is. She is a child.”
One can not even fathom what it must be like for this mother. She has no idea what her daughter has been through, and she can not even think about what the future holds. How will she help her daughter heal from this trauma?
A victim of prostitution was also interviewed. She revealed a truth that could easily be our future if something is not done about sex trafficking.
The victim said, “Virginity was not an option where I came from. It was taken from you. So when you get into the game [prostitution] and you have someone telling you, you can sleep with them for money and you already lost your virginity why not. Sex is not as sacred as it once was.”
This woman was prostituted at the age of 13. She barely even hit puberty and was immediately robbed of her dignity.
How many girls must have the same fate until we act?