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If you would like to be involved with Scarlet Cord Ministries please send me an email and let me know you are interested here is my email


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21 09 2009

can i get more info on your ministry

21 09 2009

Of course you can! Do you have any questions that I can answer for you?

10 02 2010
Mela Kamin

What a composed, passionate, articulate young lady you are! Wow – I came across your blog via your brother’s recommendation. Bless you as you use your gifts mightily for Him. 1 Peter 4:10 ~ Mela

12 02 2010

Thanks, for realizing my passion!

4 06 2010
Jusy Booth

I facilitate a woman’ s sunday school class. Would love to share with them about this iministry.

4 06 2010

This sounds great. I would love to chat with you and provide any more information you may need

21 08 2010
Linda Chase

you had sent me an email earlier on and for some reason I can not seem to locate it and I know I did not yet respond. If you have not yet taken your trip to Cambodia, I would be humbled to write the letters you mentioned. Just let me know if I am too late and/or what I can do specifically.

29 11 2010

I’m interested to know if your ministry has anything organized in the Portland, Oregon area?

5 12 2010

Unfortunately, there is nothing in Portland, Oregon from this ministry. I do know that there Oregon is a prominent area for sex trafficking. However, here is a website with links to organizations in Oregon.

11 04 2011
Roni Vergets

My pastor mentioned that there is an outreach here in the Portland Oregon region? I would like more information on this, should that be the case. He mentioned that you serve dinner on Friday nights? Thank you!

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