CNN Freedom Project

4 04 2011

The new series of news cast from CNN has been a breath of fresh air.

CNN is finally reporting a series of stories solely focused on the rapidly growing crime of human trafficking.

This particular news group is taking a stand for the rights of the victims of human trafficking. They are the resource that people can now consistantly rely on for news on this crime. CNN has chosen to devote their time and resources to help end modern day slavery.

They are boldly using their airwaves to start educating others around the globe about what is going on. Here is the facts. The news team has banded togother with others to tell the story of the survivors. They partner with activist to raise awareness. They will no longer allow this problem to come up once in a blue moon on news stations. Instead the Freedom Project is dedicated to exposing their viewers to what really goes on with human trafficking. They show us the harsh realities that we have ignorantly ignored for so long.

It is incredibly inspiring to have a news station that has great credibility to be taking this crime so seriously. The news team has the opportunity to cover the multiple angles of this crime. There has been recent videos of an interview with a brothel owner in India, an activist who continues to fight, and actual futage of the victims.



Its a start

23 03 2011

A new bill has been proposed in Congress called Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Deterrence and Victims Support Act of 2011. Hew that is a really long name.

This bill proposes that the government finally starts getting involved in the sex trafficking of young children. If passed, it will open up 6 houses across the US that will house these victims by providing for their physical and emotional needs. AND it will designate money to hire investigators who are solely dedicated to locking up the abusers.(learn more about the bill here)


I love it! The US seems to finally  be doing something about this issue. We are finally taking action and acknowledging that this problem has to be dealt with. We are not only giving victims a place to live but we are also helping them work through their traumatic experiences with counseling and other things.  (I really hope St. Louis gets one of these nifty homes)

By choosing to acknowledge this crime we are in the steps of recovery.

There is some type of hope.

It is only 6 houses but 6 more then we already had! Who knows what will happen next. It brings hope to the victims who are currently in the trade. They now have more of an opportunity to be rescued and recieve the care that is much needed.

I can only hope that this bill will pass congress.