Be the Change Sucka

10 01 2012

Today January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Today we remember all those in bondage around the world and those on the road to recovery.

Here is to all those determined to play an active roll in the victims recovery.

                     To those police officers risking their lives to enforce justice.

                     To the counselors open to listen and open to support the victims on the way to their recovery.

                     To those who refuse to be silenced and continue to inform others on this social injustices.

2011 brought so many triumphs for the fight against human trafficking.

Politicians have stared to enforce justice on those abusing the innocent.

The public has become more informed through books and movies determined to tell the story of the abused.

Non for profits became sources for victims by providing programs specifically designed for their healing.

While this year has brought positive change within many communities, the number of human trafficking victims contiues to grow at a steady rate. it is our responsibility to be the change…

We have a responsibility to all of these victims to never forget

their faces

their names

their stories  

They deserve to be remembered.They deserve to be cared for. They deserve to be love.

So join in the fight be the change. Be someone who refuses to forget them and their stories. Be someone determined to assist others in obtaining justice. Be determined to impact others.

Today we stand behind these victims

united, strong, and ready to fight!



21 03 2011

In Cleveland Texas an 11 year old girl was raped by a somewhere around 17 to 28 men ranging from middle school age to a 27 years old.

This is a disturbing story but to make matters worse some citizens of this small town have taken the side of the abusers. (For full news story go here)

The abusers are being their typical selves and claiming the young victim consented to the rape and even told her abusers she was older. Last time I checked 11 year olds typically don’t look somewhere around 17 (which is the age that one can technically give consent to have sex with a +18yrs)

I am so flustered by a town chooses to take the side of the local football star while their is a GIRL who has been severely traumatized. A minor in no circumstances can give consent to having sex with a man who is 18 yrs or older. There is no way that this case can not be considered rape. What else would it be?
I could care less if she was dressed “provocatively” according to the accused. This girl is still a kid and these people have the guts to post video of the rape.


I believe many citizens who have taken up the argument that this girl was just asking for it, need to know what rape does to a person. Rape traumatizes any adult and creates many feelings of being powerless. It causes people to have a constant need for power and control for the rest of their lives. An adult would also need some intense counseling. Now take an 11 yr old, who has just hit puberty and according to her mom still plays with teddy bears, being raped by somewhere around +17 males.

What can we do?

We can refuse to allow people to blame the victim. We can raise awareness about the after affects of rape. We can report any cases of rape.

She needs prayers. She needs some one who cares. She needs love.

Will any one love her?

Project All Natural

9 01 2011

This Tuesday is National Human Trafficking day!!!
That is right January 11th 2011 is dedicated to remembering victims of sex trafficking. So we gotta do something right?

Here we go with project All Natural! Basically this project is a commitment to choose to leave behind the make up that all of us women love so much and wear nothing on our face. On January 11th we will  choose to embrace our true beauty. By participating in this project, it is a bold statement that clearly states, ” I am BEAUTIFUL no matter what.”

How does this relate to victims of prostitution?

It helps raise awareness for the growing crime of sex trafficking. Did you know the average age of victims of sex trafficking is 12! This is ridiculous. We must remember these girls. On top of raising awareness, it tells victims that there is a beauty that no man can ever barter for.

This beauty is on the inside.

We send the message to these girls that they will always be beautiful. Their physical appearance is not what makes them but it is their undying beauty. We embrace our self confidence.

By participating in this project you are….

  • choosing to be confident in your naked face
  • choosing to show your daughters that they will always be gorgeous no matter what
  • choosing to raise awareness for the 12 year old being raped about 20 times a night (stats from the A21 campaign)
  • and most of all you are choosing to love the face that was specifically given to you.

So here is how we are doing this:

First, for all you twitter people we got a hashtag to have for the whole day. The hashtag is #projectallnatural and you can use this link
Please tweet out your experiences with wearing no make up.

Second, for all you non-twitter people and twitter people included leave a comment talking about your experience or pledge to participate in Project All Natural.

Last, feel free to talk it up amongst your friends challenge mothers, daughters, and sisters to participate to raise awareness.

You can grab this 300×250 ad and place it on your blog or make it your twitter avatar if you would like.

How 4 Days Have Changed Everything

4 06 2010

The month of May has been a whirl wind. Finishing up my sophomore year of high school, researching information about Rapha house, and trying to figure out what I will be doing for the summer, I was ready for the madness to end. But the first 4 days of June has been the craziest month yet.  I have been reading a book called Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig and Dave Roberts. The premise of the book is about a prayer movement where people gathered together to pray nonstop for a whole month. This idea sounded crazy to me.

As I was thinking about the Fifa World Cup, not necessarily which team would win, but  focusing on the 40 thousand girls being imported into South Africa for the World Cup attenders. This laid heavy on my heart. This past August I traveled to Nicaragua and saw first hand the devastation of prostitution and sex trafficking. I left Nicaragua changed. I had to do something to help these women and children, and so I started Scarlet Cord Ministries and looked for ways to serve and support.

Seeing how my life has changed, my focus and passion has turned to those who voices are rarely heard. Wanting to raise awareness about the issues surrounding the World Cup and the prostitution that would be taking place but most importantly wanting to offer support to the women and children letting them know they are accepted and loved, I felt convicted to pray.

After spending some time in prayer and thought I felt like we needed to start a movement. A 24/7 prayer movement. Its only been four days since this idea has been birthed, but seeing how God is bringing together his children to lift up others has been nothing short of amazing.

I am excited to see what the Month of June has in store. Thanks for joining in the 24/7 prayer movement for prostitutes.