Be the Change Sucka

10 01 2012

Today January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Today we remember all those in bondage around the world and those on the road to recovery.

Here is to all those determined to play an active roll in the victims recovery.

                     To those police officers risking their lives to enforce justice.

                     To the counselors open to listen and open to support the victims on the way to their recovery.

                     To those who refuse to be silenced and continue to inform others on this social injustices.

2011 brought so many triumphs for the fight against human trafficking.

Politicians have stared to enforce justice on those abusing the innocent.

The public has become more informed through books and movies determined to tell the story of the abused.

Non for profits became sources for victims by providing programs specifically designed for their healing.

While this year has brought positive change within many communities, the number of human trafficking victims contiues to grow at a steady rate. it is our responsibility to be the change…

We have a responsibility to all of these victims to never forget

their faces

their names

their stories  

They deserve to be remembered.They deserve to be cared for. They deserve to be love.

So join in the fight be the change. Be someone who refuses to forget them and their stories. Be someone determined to assist others in obtaining justice. Be determined to impact others.

Today we stand behind these victims

united, strong, and ready to fight!




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