Very Young Girls

27 03 2011

If you have netflix consider it official. Go and add this to your instant que it is great.

Warning: this movie exposes you to the harsh reality of sex trafficking crimes happening in the US

I absolutely adore this movie. It is a great resource that keeps me on gaurd. I need a movie that is not going to sugar coat all these facts and statistics and a documentary that actually knows what is going on.

Very Young Girls walks people through girls lives. Victims tell people about their story. They tell us how it really is. Why and how they got into prostitution?I am going to be honest it is a little depressing.

My heart rips.

It rips for these girls who have no idea what love really is. But this pain fuels activity. It asks you a simple question… What are you going to do?

You can no longer claim ignorance about what is going on so are you going to actually do something or is that all talk. Will you justify these mens acts by not acting on behalf of the victim?

How will you respond?

As one of my favorite songs says, “this is what makes men great” It is a defining moment that is unavoidable. Will you demonstrate your character and be great or buckle under the pressure?

I really encourage you to watch the movie. It does bring hope in the end don’t worry. You may not be happy go lucky at the end but there is still hope. There is justice and recovery.

Did you see this movie? Are you gonna check it out?




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