Touchy Territory

14 03 2011

As some of you may know I am an awkward person. There are a lot of uncomfortable topics that I jump into. (most of the time this is just blind bad luck)
Even if you look at what I am passionate about you can see it is uncomfortable. Yep no one really wants to talk about an 11 year old getting raped every night. but I go there anyways.
So here is the uncomfortable topic today…


After studying the over all problem of sex trafficking I have seen that this disease that all women have has finally come back to haunt us.

How does this apply to sex trafficking?

Most girls who are lured into this crime is by a smooth talking guy who tells them they are beautiful.  He shows her that he cares for her and makes her feel good.  Now, she can tell all her friends she has an older boyfriend and he is a major hottie!

Our society tells girls that they will only really be beautiful if they have a boyfriend because if they don’t then obviously something is wrong with them if no guy even wants to be with them.

Our insecurity controls our actions. It causes us to do stupid stuff for fear that we may be the weird one who will lose their man or never have one.

This disease lures these girls into thinking that this man cares for them. They ignore any signs that he is using her and tell themselves they love him.

Insecurity has pushed girls to wear yoga pants instead of actual pants (to tight and weird jiggles)  We don’t have any standards but just want our man. This problem has been learned and passed down for centuries from mother to daughter and so on. It infects every beautiful girl from the minute she takes her first breath to the minute she breaths her last bread.

It must be stopped.  We must have confidence!

We can no longer succumb to this voice that says you will never be good enough or the voice that says you look really fat in that. We need someone willing to cut the crap and embrace the beauty that God has given us.

This generation needs role models willing to take an interest in our beauty. Parents who tell us that we are loved and support our ventures.

By having these confident women, men can learn how to be a real man. They can appreciate us for who we are rather than look at us as if we are just another person to have sex with.

It just takes one. One person who steps up and loves themselves.

Will you be that one person?




2 responses

16 03 2011
Lexi MacKinnon

Amen sista! I love this post… we so do need real women who will stand up and say that God made them enough just as they are! Thank you for being brave and awkward enough 😉 to dive right into this!

16 03 2011

Thanks Sista 😉

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