Be the Change Sucka

10 01 2012

Today January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Today we remember all those in bondage around the world and those on the road to recovery.

Here is to all those determined to play an active roll in the victims recovery.

                     To those police officers risking their lives to enforce justice.

                     To the counselors open to listen and open to support the victims on the way to their recovery.

                     To those who refuse to be silenced and continue to inform others on this social injustices.

2011 brought so many triumphs for the fight against human trafficking.

Politicians have stared to enforce justice on those abusing the innocent.

The public has become more informed through books and movies determined to tell the story of the abused.

Non for profits became sources for victims by providing programs specifically designed for their healing.

While this year has brought positive change within many communities, the number of human trafficking victims contiues to grow at a steady rate. it is our responsibility to be the change…

We have a responsibility to all of these victims to never forget

their faces

their names

their stories  

They deserve to be remembered.They deserve to be cared for. They deserve to be love.

So join in the fight be the change. Be someone who refuses to forget them and their stories. Be someone determined to assist others in obtaining justice. Be determined to impact others.

Today we stand behind these victims

united, strong, and ready to fight!



7 04 2011

This Freedom Friday is A21!
This non for profit has taken up residence in northern Greece and other countries on the European continent.
A21 has been a safe home for many victims of sex trafficking and have taken it upon themselves to support other organizations like themselves who are assisting victims to the path of recovery.

Their specific site informs activist on what you can do to help raise awareness and support the victims.

We can all support victims and raise awareness by buying their key2freenecklace. The necklace represents the idea that we all hold the key to stop sex trafficking.

Here is an organization, willing to roll up their sleeves and love the unlovable and include fellow activist in the healing process.
Check them out on twitter and add the key twibbon to your avatar here.

Have you heard of A21? (yes I did put a million links to their site because I didn’t want you to miss the opportunity to go check  A21 out)

CNN Freedom Project

4 04 2011

The new series of news cast from CNN has been a breath of fresh air.

CNN is finally reporting a series of stories solely focused on the rapidly growing crime of human trafficking.

This particular news group is taking a stand for the rights of the victims of human trafficking. They are the resource that people can now consistantly rely on for news on this crime. CNN has chosen to devote their time and resources to help end modern day slavery.

They are boldly using their airwaves to start educating others around the globe about what is going on. Here is the facts. The news team has banded togother with others to tell the story of the survivors. They partner with activist to raise awareness. They will no longer allow this problem to come up once in a blue moon on news stations. Instead the Freedom Project is dedicated to exposing their viewers to what really goes on with human trafficking. They show us the harsh realities that we have ignorantly ignored for so long.

It is incredibly inspiring to have a news station that has great credibility to be taking this crime so seriously. The news team has the opportunity to cover the multiple angles of this crime. There has been recent videos of an interview with a brothel owner in India, an activist who continues to fight, and actual futage of the victims.


William Wilberforce

31 03 2011

Today’s Freedom Fighter: William Wilberforce

I wouldn't cross him if I were you

It was this man who is given credit for sparking the bill that would later on completely abolish slavery.

He slaved (excuse this great pun) for somewhere around 20 yrs. to abolish bill.

Many of the members in Parliment were opposed to this bill because they financially benefited from  their slaves. He knew that he would probably fighting a loosing battle because no one wants to give their money maker away.

Willberforce was confident though. He chose to continue. He fought and exposed this social injustice.

Willy called well respected slave owner/governor out on this crime, and he knew it was bound to be a sticky situation.

It amazes me that he worked for this bill for a great chunk of his life. Then, in the end, he does not even get to see it passed. He died literally a month before Parlament passed it.

Dedicating your life to something because you know it is the right thing and not even seeing the finish line.Willy never tasted sweet victory. He kept on going, setting the stage for the next abolisher. Wow that would be incredibly hard.

We need some one like Willy.

someone is driven by a passion that doesn’t need to be fueled by success.

some one  compelled to act because of their compassion for these victims.

Now we choose to fight with confidence, persistence, and choose to accept the fact that our purpose may be to set the stage rather than taste that sweet victory.(and that is going to be good enough)

What do you think about this guy?

Very Young Girls

27 03 2011

If you have netflix consider it official. Go and add this to your instant que it is great.

Warning: this movie exposes you to the harsh reality of sex trafficking crimes happening in the US

I absolutely adore this movie. It is a great resource that keeps me on gaurd. I need a movie that is not going to sugar coat all these facts and statistics and a documentary that actually knows what is going on.

Very Young Girls walks people through girls lives. Victims tell people about their story. They tell us how it really is. Why and how they got into prostitution?I am going to be honest it is a little depressing.

My heart rips.

It rips for these girls who have no idea what love really is. But this pain fuels activity. It asks you a simple question… What are you going to do?

You can no longer claim ignorance about what is going on so are you going to actually do something or is that all talk. Will you justify these mens acts by not acting on behalf of the victim?

How will you respond?

As one of my favorite songs says, “this is what makes men great” It is a defining moment that is unavoidable. Will you demonstrate your character and be great or buckle under the pressure?

I really encourage you to watch the movie. It does bring hope in the end don’t worry. You may not be happy go lucky at the end but there is still hope. There is justice and recovery.

Did you see this movie? Are you gonna check it out?

Freedom Fridays

25 03 2011

Here begins a new tradition on Scarlet Cord Ministries.

Freedom Fridays!

Sex trafficking is a growing crime that is spiraling out of control at an alarming rate and it feels like no one is doing anything to stop it. That sounds depressing 😦 and it is Friday

We are so quick to look at this overwhelming problem that we forget to look for hope. There are brave people who are relentlessly fighting for freedom.

So every Friday, I would like to focus on some specific people or groups who are taking action whether that includes large groups or one man bands who are raising awareness or organization directly involved in the healing process.

Today’s Freedom Fighter is a non for profit called Love146

This organization has done a great job with raising awareness for the victims of sex trafficking. They have also had the privilege of opening homes for victims of sex trafficking in the Phillippenes and support other anti-trafficking organizations in South Asia.

Love 146 has been a loud persistent voice for many of these victims in sex trafficking. They were able to make a billboard for this past super bowl talking about their It is Not My Fault campaign. They have used their resources well by educating many Americans about this global epidemic.

This organization has been bold enough to take on the challenge of loving the “unlovable”. They are continuing to fight for these victims and raise awareness about the truths of this crime. No sugar coating but the plain facts. God has lead them to care for the innocent victims of this social injustice and the best thing we can do is continue to support them in their fight. We may not be able to actively comfort these victims but we can support the ones who have the ability to love these girls first hand.

Follow them on twitter.

Follow their blog

Consider donating to this organization by buying some of their merchandise

Join 146 Task Force

and most importantly pray for the wisdom of this organization.

Have you heard of Love146?

Its a start

23 03 2011

A new bill has been proposed in Congress called Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Deterrence and Victims Support Act of 2011. Hew that is a really long name.

This bill proposes that the government finally starts getting involved in the sex trafficking of young children. If passed, it will open up 6 houses across the US that will house these victims by providing for their physical and emotional needs. AND it will designate money to hire investigators who are solely dedicated to locking up the abusers.(learn more about the bill here)


I love it! The US seems to finally  be doing something about this issue. We are finally taking action and acknowledging that this problem has to be dealt with. We are not only giving victims a place to live but we are also helping them work through their traumatic experiences with counseling and other things.  (I really hope St. Louis gets one of these nifty homes)

By choosing to acknowledge this crime we are in the steps of recovery.

There is some type of hope.

It is only 6 houses but 6 more then we already had! Who knows what will happen next. It brings hope to the victims who are currently in the trade. They now have more of an opportunity to be rescued and recieve the care that is much needed.

I can only hope that this bill will pass congress.